Man is not made to breath under water. But that shouldn't keep you from experiencing the beautiful underwater world. It only takes a few pieces of equipment to make it possible. Take a look through the list and see what you need to swim with the fishes.

  • Mask, snorkel and fins: the basic gear you need for adapting your self to the underwater world.
  • Exposure protection. Protecting you from the environment. ranging from a thin rashwest to a full wetsuit.
  • in koh Tao the water is quite warm and usually a short 3 mm wetsuit will be sufficient.
  • Weight systems: your exposure suit and you might be slightly positively boyant, ledweights will help you become neutrally boyant.

The full Scubasystem consists of three components:

  • Tank cylinder: there are two kinds of materials used for scuba cylinders Steel and aluminium. In Thailand we only use Aluminium. The tank is filled with compressed normal filtered air.
  • Regulator: Man cannot breath under water, the regulator provides you with air from the tank cylinder, so that you can.
    • First stage: the first connection between the cylinder and you.
    • second stage: consists of a primary and alternate airsource (spare) from wich you breath from.
    • SPG: Submersible pressure gauge. Shows you the actual tankpressure at all times. Found on a console together with your depth gauge.
    • LPI: Low pressure inflator. Used for adjusting the air in the BCD jacket.
  • BCD- boyancy control device: worn as a jacket, it holds your whole scubasystem together. Allows you to adjust your boyancy through the whole dive by using the low pressure inflator to put air in to the BCD or take air out.

While diving with me you get a discount on all dive equipment at the retailshop on Koh Tao.

If you need advise for purchasing dive equipment please contact me. Packages can be arranged for all levels and budgets.

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